SessionCloud Generic

Cloud hosted softphone provisioning solution. Make your business transition to VoIP stress free. Your users don't need to be confused with complex VoIP settings. IT admins can simply manage everything centrally and keep your team talking. Get started with a 14-day free trial.


How it Works

  • Sign up for an account
  • Choose the Generic Product
  • Complete all SIP settings details
  • Upload logo images
  • Choose operator code
  • Download SessionCloud Softphone
  • Enter operator code
  • Softphone ready to make calls

Push Notifications

Available on both Android and iOS. Enhance your users' VoIP experience with our Push notification feature. Enjoy zero effect on battery life. Whenever the softphone is closed or backgrounded, SIP registration is performed by our secure servers. An incoming call will cause a Push to be sent to the device that will wake the softphone and allow the call to be received. Private Push server support coming soon.


Logo & Balance Display

Upload your logo in our portal and we'll show it in the app. The screens show where the logo is displayed with the iOS version on the left and Android on the right. Provide a balance URL, we'll display the balance.

Login Screens

Not all configurations require a simple username and password. We offer four different combinations of login fields including Auth username and Subdomain entry


Add a Branded Softphone to your VoIP Telephony Solution

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