SessionCloud Brands

With this softphone product you can offer a unique branded experience to each one of your customers. This is a whitelabel SIP client where the settings and logo images are provisioned dependent on the operator code entered on first time set up. Get started with a 14 day free trial. Please note an iOS Developer account is required to trial the product.


Who is it For?

IP PBX Resellers

Wish to bundle a softphone with your product? Set up a Brand for each customer with unique settings for SIP domain, Voicemail and Balance as well as Help links and logo images. You can also control the feature set. This allows you to offer your customers a product branded with your App Icon but uniquely customised for them. With this level of control you can now offer different pricing and packages and create a new revenue stream for your business

Calling Card Provider

Support multiple cards? Now you can support all calling cards in a single app! Set up a Brand for each card. This product resolves some of the problems Calling Card Providers face with offering a mobile app solution alongside their standard offering. No need for multiple apps. Set up a logo for each card. Need separate setup instructions for each card, again we have you covered. True flexibility with immediate control from your own web portal.

VoIP Operators

Offer an operator code provisioned mobile dialer to your customers. Create additonal revenue. Simply select the Brands package and then configure each Brand in our portal. Each one of your customers will have their own SIP server IP and Logo branding. SIP Tunneling available for blocked regions. G729 codec included.


How it Works

  • Sign up for an account
  • Choose the Brands Product
  • Upload App Icon and Graphics
  • Download binaries from portal
  • Upload to Google Play store
  • Allow 10 days for Apple approval
  • Set up Brands for your customers

Unique Customisation

Each Brand comes with plenty of customisation of options. Nearly all SIP settings are configurable. Logo images, About Screen and the color scheme can be set per Brand. In addition you can set separate support contact email and help links. If you need to have a common set of functionality per Brand you can set it up once and then clone the Brand and make minor changes.


Live Update

If you need to make changes, simply create a new version for the Brand, make your changes and then tap 'Activate'. When the user next restarts the app the changes will be applied.

Add a Branded Softphone to your VoIP Telephony Solution

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