Softphones for iPhone and Android

We develop premium softphones, mobile dialers and custom SIP solutions for customers worldwide.

SIP Softphones

SessionTalk iPhone and SessionTalk Android available. 

Custom SIP Apps

Need a custom design. Based on our SIP library we can develop custom iPhone or Android apps.

VoIP Providers

We can preconfigure an account with your settings or you can have your own Whitelabel softphone.

SessionTalk Softphone Key Features


TLS and SRTP ( Secure call signalling and audio encryption)


HD Audio and G729A

G722 HD Audio codec included. G729 Annex A codec available as Premium feature


Multiple Accounts

Easily switch between accounts for outgoing calls. Receive calls on any registered account.


Preconfigured providers 

When creating a new account choose from a number of  VoIP provider accounts for easy setup.

Video Calling

Video Calls with VP8 codec. Both Front camera and Rear camera options available with ability to stop and start Send Video.

Enterprise Features

Key enterprise features included such as Call Transfer and Call Conferencing.

Custom App Development

Accelerate your development and shorten your time to market with our custom app service. Based on our tried and tested SIP and Media engine libraries with tens of thousands of deployments in the field, we can create a custom solution tailored to your requirements within weeks or even days. We will also soon have SIP SDKs available for the Android and iOS platforms. 

Solutions for VoIP Providers

Preconfigured Accounts

If you are a SIP-based VoIP provider or OEM we have a couple of options. You can apply for a free listing as a preconfigured provider. In return for adding you to our preconfigured list, we ask that you test your service with our softphones and add a link to our products on your website.

Whitelabel SIP 

We can also create a customized version of the SessionTalk Softphone targeted directly at your customers. The softphone will be branded in your company’s colors and logo. We can also add service specific features and additional customization depending on your company’s needs.