Server Requirements

Any modern 64 bit CPU
512 RAM
4 GB of disk space

Docker CE

Our tunnel server is supplied as a Docker image which allows the widest deployment options. You can install it on any platform which can run Docker.

Install Docker Community Edition for your platform

Download the following files from here

Copy the following files into a directory
1. docker-compose.yml
2. ssl.crt ( this can be used if you don’t have your own SSL certificate)

On your platform, ensure Docker is running. Below would be the command on Ubuntu Linux

sudo service docker start

Inside the directory that contains the docker-compose.yml file run the following command

sudo docker-compose up —build

Configuration is done over the web admin interface running on port 1337.If connecting over SSH you can map a local port

ssh -L 9000:serverip:1337 user@serverip
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Then browse to localhost:9000 in your web browser. In the web admin interface you can set the remote server IP and port. Upload the SSL cert we have provided, you can use this for the trial.

Tap, the Start Tunnel button
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Listening Port

This is the port that Tunnel SSL connection is listening on to accept connections from clients

Remote Server

IP address of your softswitch

Remote Port

Port your softswitch is listening on

Host Address

This value is used to populate the SIP Via and Contact headers and SDP connection data with the address of the Tunnel Server. If you leave this value blank it will be auto populated.

Once the server is set up simply configure the Provisioning settings for the Softphones in the SessionCloud portal to point to the tunnel address.

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